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Bioclimatic pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas

Open or close the sky with the press of a button

These high-tech pergolas were designed by the original inventor of this garden product Solisysteme who have been manufacturing them since 1998. The Bioclimatic Pergola is very popular in France and on the continent, only recently being made available to UK buyers.

The product is aimed squarely at the luxury end of the home improvement market and costs are therefore more in line with conservatories than garden structures.


So what do you get for the money ?

The biggest WOW factor you can imagine… this product is incredibly desirable and should come with a warning: Do not visit our show centre unless you intend to have one!

A cutting edge contemporary design with open or part solid side walls that is maintenance free for life providing protection, ventilation, control and the perfect relaxation area.

The BioClimatic Concept is one that provides you with an entirely new living space.

The push of a button enables the roof vanes to close giving total rain protection (almost as if it was made for UK weather)

No more cancelled Barbecues… get away for a while without leaving your home!

Your structure can be heated too via specialist Infa-Red units fitted to the frame.

No need to go back to the house as night draws in….  Spotlights can be built into the frames.

Even Bluetooth can be accommodated allowing a command to SIRI/ALEXA to open or close the roof.

Unashamed luxury now available through Admiral Homespace.

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Dave and Conor were great and very polite. They were able to deal successfully with the neighbours over parking permits and issues. We are very happy with the advice service and communication from all at Admiral Homespace.

Your professionalism and customer care are exemplary and we will certainly recommend you to others.

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