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French Grey Windows

Grey seems to be the colour of the moment for furniture, cars, mobiles etc…. and windows are no exception. Replacement windows and doors in PVC Aluminium or Wood are increasingly specified in a grey finish. We can supply all products in any RAL colour. Read More

Versatile and Stylish Veranda

We install many large verandas but the product can be very practical option as a simple lean to design as shown here. Even if only required as a store shelter or smoking area … Verandas offer a very stylish solution. Aluminium Verandas can be designed supplied and fitted in any colour too.    … Read More

Choosing The Perfect Window for Each Room

Windows come in a range of sizes and styles, while different rooms will also have their own characteristics. As such, it can be important to match the right window with the right room whilst also balancing the window style to the property style for the best effect.  Size  Some rooms are best, well-lit, with plenty of natural light, making large windows that let the sun’s rays pour in the preferred choice. Of course, whether you can achieve this depends on the dimensions of the room in question, and your budget. In other cases, smaller windows might be the better option or windows with more mullions and/or transoms allowing you to increase or decrease glass sizes to your preference.   Noise Control  Noise is another important consideration, especially in bedrooms where it’s important to keep noise levels… Read More

A Guide to Energy Efficient Windows

Having energy efficient windows is important for many households because they help to keep your monthly energy bills down. This also helps you do your part to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet, helping protect the environment. We’ve created this brief guide that will help you ensure your windows are as energy efficient as possible.  Insulating Your Windows  One way to improve the energy efficiency of your windows is to insulate them as well as you can. This mainly means blocking any drafts, which can be done with a variety of products including wiper seals, compression strips, and silicone sealants. Bear in mind that it only takes a small gap for your windows to become less energy efficient, so it’s best to ensure a proper seal all around.  Double Glazing  Perhaps the most effective… Read More

Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

Any window will need to be replaced eventually, and there are some tell-tale signs to look out for. Some of those signs include the following:  Damage  Damaged windows can cause a range of problems, such as causing leaks and making windows difficult to operate. Even worse, damaged windows can cause a weak spot that allows intruders to get into your home. While some damage can be repaired, it’s best to replace the windows completely if the damage is extensive enough.  Poor Energy Efficiency  Do you sometimes feel a draft coming from your windows? If so, then you’re likely using much more energy than you could be, potentially resulting in very high energy bills. In some cases, you might have single-paned windows or even older double glazing which are also energy inefficient when compared to new… Read More

Is Triple Glazing Better Than Double Glazing?

Double glazing helps to reduce energy usage by creating a barrier that’s hard for heat to travel through, helping to keep it in the home. Triple glazing works on the same principle, only with an added pane of glass, adding another barrier. As a result, triple glazing makes a more effective barrier than double glazing, making it better in that regard. It is important however that the makeup of the unit is considered with both the configuration of the unit and the thickness of the overall glass making a difference. 36mm triple glazed units should be the minimum unit size considered with a 44mm unit seen as the optimum size for triple glazing. This allows for the three 4mm units plus two cavity depths of 16mm. In this instance U values can be reduced making for a more energy efficient… Read More

What Are the Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows?

Having double-glazed windows installed is not a small investment. The money involved will prompt many people to ask if the investment is worth it, and which benefits double glazing will bring over single glazing. The good news is that double glazing offers numerous benefits, including the following: Reduced Energy Costs: Double glazing is effective at preventing heat from passing through from one side to the other. This makes it easier to keep your home warm (or cool), reducing your energy bills and increasing the comfort of your home. Argon gas, warm edge spacer bars low emissive glass and even krypton gas are used to lower energy consumption and bills. Improved Security: Double glazing is usually a lot stronger than single glazing, helping to give your home security a boost. Toughened and laminated glass is also a consideration and should be… Read More

How Long do UPVC Windows Last?

Having new windows installed is a considerable financial outlay for many people, but also one that can be necessary. As such, one of the first questions many people will ask is how long it will be before they need to make the investment again. The answer depends on numerous variables, including the materials used. One of the most popular materials used in modern glazing is UPVC. So, How Long Do UPVC Windows Last? You should expect UPVC windows to last for between 20-25 years before they need replacing, although this figure will vary. The actual time will depend on numerous variables, including the following. Material Quality: One of the biggest factors determining the longevity of any product is the quality of the materials used. Make sure your windows are made using the best UPVC available so you get good value… Read More

How Much Does It Cost for Double Glazing?

Double glazing for a typical 3-bedroom house in the UK is around £10,000-£12,000. However, preferences and requirements vary wildly, so the price can be very different from one property to another. The actual cost for your property will depend on numerous factors, including: Number of Windows: The price will obviously increase with the number of windows and doors you want to be double-glazed. The size of the windows/doors will also help influence the price. Materials: UPVC is perhaps the most popular material used for double glazing. However, other materials like wood and aluminium are also available, and which you choose will affect the overall cost. Which type of glass you have installed will also affect the price. Style: flush casements, stormproof, tilt turns, pivot windows and sash windows are all options that can be considered and will have an impact… Read More