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Video – watch an orangery being built in 2-3 days

Videos are powerful things, especially for those of us who find it hard to visualise the finished result! So we’re rather pleased to be bring you this critically acclaimed technical video (which basically means that it’s jolly good at showing you exactly what to expect). From conception to completion, this video shows you how the Admiral Orangery can be completed in as little as 2-3 days, whereas traditional builds can often take 2 – 3 weeks! It even shows you the options for interior design and a range of different structural designs to whet your imagination. With the glass roof ‘lantern’, the night sky is within your reach! Watch it now. Read More

Some happy news for house price increases

Are you fed up of the doom that sits over the housing market? Us too. So here’s some positive news, especially if you’re looking to make some home improvements. But which ones will give you the greatest return on your investment? According to a recent HSBC home improvement survey, thousands of homeowners have spent money on DIY but are missing the major changes that can increase property value. A loft conversion comes in at No.1, increasing value by an average £20,876 – a 54% increase since 2009. A room extension will increase your property by about £16,000 A conservatory by more than £8200 (shame they didn’t do orangeries as a separate listing as these are now so popular) Other improvements were: A new kitchen – over £5,500 New… Read More

Free advice on Loft & Garage Conversions

Did you know? Over 35% of homeowners would rather convert their lofts than move. With the average cost of an average house move at anything between £9 – £15,000 it isn’t surprising that the money can be better spent on extending. Perhaps your family is expanding and you need an extra bedroom or you work from home and want to maximise the space you already have by taking advantage of the unused roof area. Either way, it’s a good idea to talk through your ideas in the really early stages so you don’t make expensive mistakes later on. Read our impartial advice page here on Loft and Garage Conversions and feel free to email with any questions and we will get right back to you. Start now and you’ll be in time for …… Read More

It’s not only Wimbledon you can watch in 3D this year! We do 3D too…

This year, you can watch Wimbledon in 3D on TV (if you’ve got all the kit and caboodle)! And as the strawberries and champagne get under way, see what we have to offer in 3D too. Our wide range of bi-fold doors come in lots of configurations – from three doors to eight. And on our website, you can see how they actually work with our 3D configurator. You can select to have them opening inwards or outwards, change the view to see what they’d look like from the inside looking out and change the colours of the frames. We can’t promise the champagne and strawberries, but you could always ask! See for yourself right here. Read More

Join us on Facebook – and share us with your friends

It’s good to keep ahead with the latest news and views in the world of Admiral Homespace. So do join our Facebook page here and get all sorts of advice on home improvements and the latest photos of orangeries, conservatories, loft conversions and a whole host more. In the meantime, if you would like any objective and friendly advice on a home improvement project you’re mulling over, do contact us and we’ll do our very best to help. Read More

Free advice on your home improvements – you ask the questions

The decision to improve your home is a huge one, both financially and time-wise. Which is why we do our best to help you make the right choices at the earliest stages. It isn’t by chance that we have won awards and have acted as advisors to county and district councils when it comes to planning permission and building regulations. Admiral’s unique Homespace Advisory Service is here for you to access fast, accurate information through our experts, whatever your query is. Simply email your question here and we will reply as promptly as we can. For immediate, impartial advice, click here to download the Admiral Conservatory Advice Guide. This covers advice on planning permission, building regulations and just what is acceptable! For advice on replacing your windows and doors, click here. Please… Read More

The future’s bright…the future is orangeries

We have Victorian and Edwardian P-shaped conservatories; B-shaped and L-shaped even T-shaped conservatories but the latest trend is for the Orangery. In effect it’s a flat roof with a glazed lantern built onto it for natural light and an elegant finish. They’re rather grand looking rooms and as we probably receive more conservatory enquiries than any other home improvement company in East Anglia, we can spot a new trend when we see one. See for yourself the array of designs and ideas that an orangery can add to your home here. Want to see one being built? Then watch our video and see how it’s done! Speak to us about costs and you might be pleasantly surprised!… Read More

Hitchin Design Studio Opening Monday 04 April

Our Hertfordshire Design Studio is nearly complete ready for the official opening on Monday. The studio has display samples of Timber windows and doors, our Evolution products and Easyfold Bi-Folding doors. We are also equipped with Audio Visual display facilities for anyone who wishes to see examples of Orangeries, Garden Rooms or our other product ranges. With sales increasing markedly throughout Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire the Stotfold based studio will be the preferred visiting option for many. The full address is on our contact page with a local phone number from Monday. Visits are by appointment so please phone ahead. There is ample parking right outside the door. Read More

Admiral on Facebook

Phew…….. apologies for being slack on the news of late. We are really busy, which is in itself ‘Good News’ indeed. Main hot products of the moment….Timber Windows, Bi-Fold Doors and Orangeries. Just started the Admiral Facebook page but have not had a chance to send out many ‘invites’ yet. We can be found at Hopefully you will ‘Like’ us !… Read More

New Orangery Build Video Launched via the Website and You Tube

The Admiral Orangery is now supported by a critically acclaimed technical video….on this website. The video enables potential clients to see a typical modern orangery build before their eyes using interactive video technology. As far as we are aware the video which is available in the Orangery section of this site is the first in the country. We are very proud of the upload and hope you like it. Read More