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Enjoy a sparkly conservatory roof

If you’re rather clever, ask for self cleaning glass on your new conservatory and then you don’t need to rely on our British weather for a wash and brush up! Rain is good for some things, however, we thought we would share a glimpse of that elusive sunshine with you. One day…… Read More

Conservatory tax is axed!

The planned tax on extensions and conservatories has been axed. Hurrah! The Government abandoned plans for a ‘conservatory tax’ following major objections from Conservative ministers. Proposals would have affected permission to build conservatories and extensions, seeing the likes of you and me paying more to install energy efficiency measures. You can read more in today’s Telegraph (and we must point out that there are many other papers you can read, this just happened to be the first link with a good overview of the facts!)… Read More

Throw those bi-fold doors wide…let in the sunshine

Most of us just enjoyed one of the first real sunny, springy, sit-in-the-garden, soak-up-the-sun weekends. It’s days like those that make you want to throw open the doors and let the sun shine in. With our range of bifold doors, that’s just what you can do. Glidingly good looking, high quality and available in an impressive range of colours and sizes this is the way to embrace contemporary living with a little bit of chic tradition. Here’s a wonderful array. From hallway to living room to patio and play area. From pool to garden and conservatory to lawn; or open up two internal rooms to ring those changes. For more on bifold doors, colours and to have a play with our 3D configurator – please click here. Enjoy!… Read More

When is Spring?

Just 14 more sleeps and then we wake up to Spring! Yes, the first day of spring is on 20 March and on this day the number of hours of daylight and night are the same, so there are 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Here’s why… It’s because the sun shines directly over the equator, that imaginary line that divides the earth, half way between the North Pole and South Pole. The astronomical spring begins Tuesday, 20 March 2012, and ends Tuesday, 19 June 2012. Did you know? The Earth is farthest from the sun in July and is closest to the sun at the beginning of January! Roll on next winter then…… Read More

Loft Conversions – how much do they cost?

With spring waiting round the corner, perhaps your thoughts are turning to more family space in the home. Loft conversions are ideal when needing more elbow room in the form of an extra bedroom, a home office or a home gym; indeed whatever your imagination decides! Did you know? Over 35% of homeowners would convert their lofts if they had enough money; and that’s the crux. But look at it this way – yes, the work involved in a conversion can be disruptive, time-consuming and costly; but there are many benefits. If you’re happy where you are then ‘moving’ up into the loft is a much more cost-effective and efficient way of making more room rather than the high fees and removal upheaval. In terms of the value of your house, loft conversions are one of… Read More

Snow melt! Get your flat roof checked soonest

As the recent snows melt away, the chance of water seeping in are, obviously, much higher. Weaknesses become weaker and the last thing you want is a sudden deluge of water into your home. If you have a flat roof (and many dormer or extended properties – and garages – do) and it’s layered with bitumen and felt then take our word for it, at some point it WILL leak. You just don’t know when. Think smart and employ some damage limitation – get it checked out soonest! We have a solution for you – our EPDM Rubberbond roofing system is a LIFETIME ROOFING system – we call it that mainly because that’s the most accurate description. It’s been proven in use for over forty years and carries a comprehensive 20 year guarantee. You can find… Read More

Welcome this Spring with an Orangery

Want to see the blue of the sky or the twinkling stars in the deep blue night sky? Make it so with a bespoke, tailor made orangery just for you. The glazed lantern roof not only looks elegant but lets natural light sweep in or the night sky paint an ever-changing picture. These are pleasing rooms to have as an addition to your home. They look good, they’re fabulous for all sorts of uses from entertaining to simply relaxing and they add value! Kick back this spring and do a bit of star gazing – you deserve it! Come and see our array of designs that we’ve already built for happy homeowners or visit us at our Showroom. Read More

EDF cuts gas prices – here’s how we can help

At last, today EDF Energy has announced it’s to cut gas prices by 5% from 7 February. Given that the wholesale price of gas has fallen 9.2% since it put up bills last November, then it’s surely only fair to pass some of the savings back to its customers. Other companies are expected to follow suit, but watch this space. No such news for electricity or oil but you can also make some serious energy savings yourself and make sure your home is snug and warm this winter. Our windows and doors all conform to the highest standards for insulation, security and performance. Whether it’s timber windows or PVCu, we give you 21st Century standards with an attractive range of designs and colours to choose from. Visit here for lots more information and have a browse around… Read More

‘No dust’ blinds!

Very often, conservatories, orangeries or doors need blinds to afford a modicum of privacy or to control the glare of the mid-day sun – even in this country. There are a myriad of designs to choose from but the one thing that can be a bind with a blind is keeping them clean and dust-free. Well it was…not now though as we give you the Blinds inside the Glass solution! Here we show you how Bi-Fold doors have the blinds ‘sandwiched’ between the two layers of glass hence keeping them clean and tidy. Of course, you can operate them from a clever little mechanism on the frame. Interested? Give us a call on 01480 456789 or email us here and see what other time-saving, home improvements we have up our sleeve…or between panes of glass. Read More

Home Appeal 2012

Is your home ready for the New Year? It’s going to be an Olympian one so be sure to have all your creature comforts in place. From loft conversions to room extensions and classy orangeries, we can help you make the most of your home. Take a visit here and start planning. We can help with free advice on planning permission and building regulations. Our unique Advisory Service will answer just about any question on conservatories, windows, doors, orangeries, extensions and conversions. Happy New Year!… Read More