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Installation of the Month

Twin Gables………….

………………….a Victorian style front and even a box gutter! Not all designs are easy. This one manages to harmonise a T shape with the modern look of the house. The roof looks quite spectacular from the inside, rising up from the box gutter and down again to the bay front of the room. Read More

Country Life would be proud to feature this one…

This lovely farmhouse previously had a flat roofed timber annexe where the conservatory is now situated that did little to enhance the appearance of the house. Although somewhat hesitant initially to use PVC frames, the clients were eventually persuaded by our design, which has proved to blend perfectly with their home. This is one of our nicest installations…….. a single photograph does not do it justice!… Read More

A step up on the old patio arrangement………

Occasionally there is more room at the side of the house than the rear. Although this can sometimes mean that planning permission is required, it is seldom a problem obtaining it. This conservatory takes advantage of a spacious new patio area. The raised platform also provides a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. Read More

Tucked under the eaves

A pitched tile roof at the back, a garage wall to be utilised down one side and still, this client requested a hipped roof style. This installation is more difficult than it looks. We are sure that there would have been many problems if the contract had been placed with some of our less qualified competitors. We are pleased to be able to report that it went without a hitch, the client being very pleased with the end result and the fact that they placed their trust in Admiral. Read More

OK…… so we cheated on this one…

This was not actually installed by Admiral. It was manufactured and fitted by our new hardwood conservatory supplier Quayside Conservatories. We are delighted to be able to announce that after an absence of ten years we are back in the hardwood conservatory business. Many people who wanted to deal with Admiral have been disappointed to find that we were not offering a hardwood option. From 1989 to 1994 we installed many hardwood buildings but decided to concentrate solely on PVC frames, mainly as we were unable to find a suitable replacement for our suppliers who went out of business. After a couple of years looking, we feel that we have found the best in Quayside Conservatories, who employ real craftsmen to hand make to virtually any specification. Further details are available on request. Read More

When size definitely becomes an issue

Believe it or not, when the base was built, the client thought that this conservatory was going to be too small ! This is a common issue as the foot print or floor of a conservatory is far less than the volume…leading to uncertainty at a delicate point of construction. We were happy to visit the site and reassure the clients, who live in Hilton village near Huntingdon. They are now delighted that the Designer got it absolutely right, achieving the correct balance between house, conservatory and garden. Read More

The benefits of wood…without maintenance

This client was thinking of a wood conservatory but really did not like the idea of clambering all over a conservatory to paint it every three or four years. They were impressed by the light oak pvcu finish and a combination of that and a cost saving over timber made them take that route. As you can see from the photograph, the conservatory is extremely ‘timber-like’ in appearance. We also offer a rosewood finish or even green to give a painted timber feel. Read More


This client thought that the style of conservatory they wanted would be too difficult for their site problems. Note how high the house floor is from the garden. This has been overcome by using a block and beam arrangement to reduce the weight associated with a slab floor. The problems were numerous and included a low roof to the chalet style home. This has been elegantly overcome by using a box gutter to the rear, leaving a very pleasing room. Congratulations must go to the Designer who worked very closely with the client on a very difficult installation. Read More

Less Is More… ?

Choosing to leave the glass panels plain gives an uninterrupted view of the garden and shows that clean lines can often be the most attractive option. Read More

This conservatory used to be made from timber

Having installed this client’s windows several years ago, we were asked to upgrade the original conservatory, as it was just too hot in the summer being south facing. We recommended that all of the frames be upgraded to PVC and the roof have Antelio heat reducing sealed units fitted. Although the clients have yet to experience their first summer in their upgraded conservatory, the autumn sun is markedly reduced in its intensity due to the high performance glass. The design is almost a perfect match for the original wooden building too! Note: We were able to utilise the existing base and brickwork as the specification was close to our own standards. Read More