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Installation of the Month

We have got it covered

Some of the the projects we show are very grand designs. For a change here is a simple but elegant solution to a problem. We all know how wet it is here in the UK so when we need to pop out in the garden it is useful to have the patio covered. Our verandas are not just for keeping cars dry they can turn a seldom used patio into a storage place for the patio furniture and enable the patio to be used for much more of the year. Read More

A lovely entrance

The doors we are installing are certainly an improvement on those of a few years ago This one is not wood it is a wood grain PVC composite material that looks just as good and very authentic Highly insulated with top security as standard A grand entrance indeed… Read More

This was a Conservatory

We are spending a lot of time turning conservatories into proper garden room extensions This is a great example. The old white PVC frames and glazing were replaced with popular grey frames and high specification A Rated glazed units The old polycarbonate roof has been replaced with our structurally sound tiled roofing system. This roof is highly insulated and still vaulted inside the room. Topped off with a pair of Velux opening roof windows. Nice Job Team !… Read More

Returned to its former glory

This lovely Victorian style conservatory was over 25 years old and needed a complete new roof. The client could not find a contractor with the skills necessary to remove the old sections and renovate the entire roof leaving the hardwood conservatory windows and doors in place. We are proud of the job our conservatory specialists carried out on the building. It looks magnificent so well done everybody !… Read More

Turning Conservatories into Extensions

It seems that the trend for Conservatory Conversions is growing at quite a pace. Rather than replacing conservatories with full blown extensions many homeowners are converting the conservatory instead. By adding a highly insulated tiled roof and replacing the frames with high performance glazing systems the best of both worlds can be achieved. A room that is warm in winter cool in summer but still having the light and view along with the conservatory feel. Read More

A Nice Shade of Grey

The new black is definitely Grey ! We are in favour of the switch in demand from plain white to coloured window frames It is a great way to instantly update a family home and create a stand out property Demonstrated nicely here on our Installation of The Month an attractive Chalet home with Grey Kudos Windows… Read More

Showing our support for the French

French Doors that is.. Everybody seems to be promoting Bi-Fold or Sliding doors these days but lets not forget the French Door Humble as it may be it can still do a great job as shown here on a recent kitchen installation… Read More

Just a Lovely Addition in Timber

Most of our conservatory builds are in UPVC or Aluminium but this lovely room features Hand Made Timber Windows with an Atlas Aluminium roof made to look like timber with deep rafters and detailing. The highly insulated glass units make it warm enough to leave open plan without dividing doors. Nothing unusual about the design but extremely classy. Read More

How Conservatories Have Changed

This installation shows many of the features that shape the modern conservatory look Grey UPVC Frames with a tiled roof not glass Internal blinds are fitted inside the glass units so they never require cleaning and add a sense of luxury to the room… Read More