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Conscientious conservation

When you appoint us to replace your windows and doors, do you know where we take them?

For over twenty years we’ve been replacing frames with PVCu, Aluminium and Timber windows and doors. The last place we wanted these to end up was in the already overfull landfill sites. Taking our 200’ish frames a month and multiplying it nationally results in some really shocking statistics.

Sadly, there appear to be very few companies who are making any real effort to make a difference in this regard.

In partnership with Donarbon Waste Management, we take all our building waste for windows, doors and flat roofing projects to the local recycling centre instead of part filling skips. Donarbon assure us that at least 50% of the glass frames and waste is recycled and this figure will be increasing all the time as their facilities and mechanisms develop.

Read more about our Conservation Policy here and know, when you appoint us, you’re appointing a conscience.