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Handcrafted timber doors

Handcrafted timber doors

For many people and owners of period properties, the only choice of material is a wooden front door.

Timber front doors look so traditional and feel so solid……. closing with a satisfying ‘clunk’. They just feel right, whether touching the period or solid brass furniture or running your fingers along the grain of the timber, you will feel that the extra investment was worthwhile.

After all, you touch your doors much more often than your windows and they have to take a lot more of a daily battering, meaning quality is worth the investment.

If you are looking for a cheaper option then timber hand-made doors are not for you. They cost at least twice the price of a modern PVC or composite door and need a little maintenance…. but don’t let that put you off! A beautiful custom made front door could be your best decision and one that will make you smile with every turn of the key.

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