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A unique orangery solution

A unique orangery solution

Engineered for strength and stability

Orangeries Technical Information

The difference between an Orangery and conservatory is the plinth roof around the perimeter. This gives the room a more solid feel and is ideal for the modern demands of a solid room that still lets natural light in from above.

The Admiral Orangery has been developed along with our manufacturing partners to provide a modern solution to an age old design problem. This problem being how to marry two roofs, one in glass and part solid and prove the structural integrity. Our patented plinth system is approved, tested and guaranteed to satisfy both the regulations and the demands of any qualified structural engineer.

This Orangery system uses a unique and patented engineered aluminium ladder structure to form the roof. This has been tested and passed by building control for its structural integrity and will easily take the weight of several people if access is required.

The ladder structure is factory prepared to accept plasterboard internally and a range of decorative internal and external trims are used to complete the look.

The insulation is provided by using Celotex boarding to a depth of 100mm.  EPDM membrane with a proven lifespan of 50 years is used to cover the roof externally.

With an aluminium lantern framing this makes the Admiral Orangery Roof completely maintenance free. You can even specify self cleaning glass to make life easier.

The roofing plinth often houses spotlighting to provide a very stylish internal finish to the room.

The whole building is completed in a few days…. no more time than a traditional conservatory, whereas a traditional timber constructed plinth and roof can take weeks to construct, adding to cost and discomfort during the build.

We also hand build plinths and orangery roof sections where required depending on design and site conditions.

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