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Consider us rather than an architect

Consider us rather than an architect

It can save you time and money

Our Design Service

We recognise that planning an extension or re-modelling your home can be a daunting task even though it is also very exciting. Where do you start ? How do you imagine what the addition will look like ? This is where our free to access* design service can help. Using a 3D drawing software Google Sketch Up our Design Team can potentially save you a visit to an Architect and thousands of pounds!

Seeing is believing after all

Our Designers are just that too. Experienced individuals who know the facts that you require and are both friendly and accessible. Contact us to chat through your ideas, you will be impressed by the knowledge they have. *Design Service is free for serious projects but we reserve the right to charge for drawings on very complex projects or in order to obtain permissions.

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Probably the most compelling reason for using a specialist for your extension is the addition of a dedicated Project Manager. They will introduce themself at the start of the build and be available to you throughout. A look at Grand Designs on the TV or similar programmes will give you some idea of the grief that can enter your life if you attempt to manage a project yourself. Often the cost saving is lost on your time or even compared to the reduced income you might suffer because of urgent issues that need your attention during the build. Most builders are ‘hands on’ and simply do not have the time to project manage the build leading to much frustration lack of communication and extra expense by the time the build is completed. Architects can help but at a high price. To us and more importantly to you our Project Manager is worth his weight in gold ! Don’t go forward without one.

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