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Sash Windows Bedford

Sash Windows Bedford

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Sash Windows Bedford

Since the early 1700’s sash windows have been an important part of UK house design providing beauty and functionality to our homes. Sash windows come in different designs with the traditional weights and cords being offered alongside a more modern spiral balance option. Despite the beauty and functionality of sash windows newer homes stopped getting built with sash windows in them mainly due to the cheaper alternatives in standard casement windows. For this reason many sash window replacements are on older properties where the homeowner wants to maintain the timeless, traditional feel of a period sash window or put back the character that has been lost through poor, previous window replacements.

Admiral Homespace is a reputable and professional home renovator and bespoke window supplier in Bedford. We have a team of highly qualified window specialists who can create custom sash windows for any window space in your home. You can choose from modern, historical, or traditional sash window styles. All of which are great choices.

Double-glazed sash windows are an improvement over traditional single-glazed sash windows because they offer durability, warp resistance, weather resistance, longevity, security, and insulation. You can save hundreds of pounds on your utility bills each year with the advanced insulation and energy efficiency associated with our double-glazed sash windows.

Our sash windows come with a choice of timber finishes, all of which are from sustainable sources and are factory finished to provide guarantees of up to 30 years. Timber effect uPVc with painstakingly detailed mechanical, timber look joints, authentic astragal bar detail, period furniture and external putty line detailing mean that our “Authentic” uPVC sash window is also an option for the replacement of older sash windows. Our designers are on hand to answer any questions and have the windows on display at our show centre should you wish to see options.

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Sash windows will never go out of style. Call 01480 456789 to learn how our bespoke sash window design and installation services can benefit your home’s beauty and security in Bedford.