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Orangeries Bedfordshire

Orangeries Bedfordshire

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Orangeries Bedfordshire

New Orangery construction is trending in Bedfordshire. An increasing number of homeowners are requesting new Orangery extensions and Conservatory-to-Orangery conversions. Orangeries are slightly different from conservatories because they are generally more brick structures with large windows and a flat roof with a glass lantern in the middle. They are considered more elegant and more of a home extension than standard conservatories.

Furthermore, an Orangery provides more insulation than a conservatory because of the insulated brick walls and solid ceiling. Sunlight can still enter through the large glass windows and the glass lantern on the roof, but it will stay trapped inside the Orangery much longer while providing warmth to those inside it.

Are you interested in getting a new Orangery extension for your home in Bedfordshire? Admiral Homespace is the best-equipped company to provide Orangery construction services because we have been doing this kind of work since 1989. Our vast track record of positive customer service is unmatched by any other company in Bedfordshire. You’ll see that for yourself after you hire us to build your Orangery.

Admiral Homespace can create a custom Orangery that matches your specific requirements and preferences. Traditional or contemporary Orangery design can be considered with timber, aluminium or UPVC materials providing options for the look and feel of your new room. Once we finish constructing your custom Orangery, you’ll be more than satisfied with the results.

Would you like to make an appointment to speak with one of our customer service representatives in Bedfordshire? Call us on 01480 456789 to learn more about how our Orangery construction services can benefit you.


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