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Is Triple Glazing Better Than Double Glazing?

Double glazing helps to reduce energy usage by creating a barrier that’s hard for heat to travel through, helping to keep it in the home. Triple glazing works on the same principle, only with an added pane of glass, adding another barrier. As a result, triple glazing makes a more effective barrier than double glazing, making it better in that regard. It is important however that the makeup of the unit is considered with both the configuration of the unit and the thickness of the overall glass making a difference. 36mm triple glazed units should be the minimum unit size considered with a 44mm unit seen as the optimum size for triple glazing. This allows for the three 4mm units plus two cavity depths of 16mm. In this instance U values can be reduced making for a more energy efficient home.

However, triple glazing is not without its drawbacks, with the extra pane of glass and other materials increasing the cost over that of double glazing. Other potential downsides include having to make potentially costly adjustments to the manufacturing of window frames so that they can accommodate the thicker units. The increased weight of the glass also reduces the size of the available openings meaning that in some cases redesigning of the window styles is required.

Triple glazing, if done properly, can make a good investment for people who can afford it and can build it into their designs. As the technology is continually being developed, the difference between the cost of double glazing and triple glazing is narrowing and as such, we may see triple glazing become more common in the future. At the moment it is very important if considering triple glazing that you work with a reputable installer as you could easily be supplied with windows that are more expensive and less efficient than double glazed units.

If you are unsure about triple glazing and how it compares to other types, our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.