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Safe, secure and trendy Bi-fold doors

When you want great access and flooding light, then take a look at the Admiral Easyfold sliding/folding door. Designed to provide maximum light view and opening, it’s certified to conform to every current building regulation, including severe weather rating, achieving the highest British standards available.

The Easyfold door gives you high security, the widest possible openings and a hand-rubbingly-gleeful choice of colours and finishes available in timber or aluminium. Aluminium frames are thermally insulated and safety double glazing provides maximum light along with high insulation levels.

Security is assured because the locking system and hinges are state-of-the-art, safe, reliable, and long lasting. Access is easy-peasy thanks to the nature of the design which gives the ultimate in free-running, lightweight operation, courtesy of Easyfold’s unique free glide enclosed track system.

You’ve got a wide choice of colours and, how cool is this?, the ability to provide dual colours for interior and exterior finishes. The Easyfold door changes the relationship between the interior and exterior of your home by making alfresco space instantly available.

Visit our Bi-fold photo gallery or have a play around with our 3D Bi-fold Door Configurator.