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Snow melt! Get your flat roof checked soonest

As the recent snows melt away, the chance of water seeping in are, obviously, much higher. Weaknesses become weaker and the last thing you want is a sudden deluge of water into your home.

If you have a flat roof (and many dormer or extended properties – and garages – do) and it’s layered with bitumen and felt then take our word for it, at some point it WILL leak. You just don’t know when.

Think smart and employ some damage limitation – get it checked out soonest!

We have a solution for you – our EPDM Rubberbond roofing system is a LIFETIME ROOFING system – we call it that mainly because that’s the most accurate description. It’s been proven in use for over forty years and carries a comprehensive 20 year guarantee.

You can find out more information and see some photos here. Or call us for more advice – 01480 456789