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A Guide to Energy Efficient Windows

Having energy efficient windows is important for many households because they help to keep your monthly energy bills down. This also helps you do your part to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet, helping protect the environment. We’ve created this brief guide that will help you ensure your windows are as energy efficient as possible. 

Insulating Your Windows 

One way to improve the energy efficiency of your windows is to insulate them as well as you can. This mainly means blocking any drafts, which can be done with a variety of products including wiper seals, compression strips, and silicone sealants. Bear in mind that it only takes a small gap for your windows to become less energy efficient, so it’s best to ensure a proper seal all around. 

Double Glazing 

Perhaps the most effective glazing development regarding energy efficiency is double glazing. Using two panes of glass instead of one, a gas is usually placed between the panes to help create a thermal barrier, making it harder for heat to pass through. The effects are impressive, with far less heat lost when compared to single-paned windows. Modern double glazing is also installed into materials like uPVC and thermally broken aluminium that will also help make your windows as energy efficient as possible. 

While double-glazing is very effective at helping to insulate against heat, it also helps insulate against noise. This means you can help make your home nice and quiet as well as warm and cosy. Super insulated glass, Argon gas, Krypton gas, warm edge-low conductivity  spacer bars and low emissive heat reflective glass are available to provide amazing new U values and energy efficiency. Acoustic glass can be added to further reduce noise pollution, comfort or four seasons glass can be considered to help with solar control.  

One of the most important aspects behind double glazing is good quality workmanship that helps ensure all fittings are tight and secure. The team at Admiral Homespace has an ethos of doing the best job possible every time, so feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.