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Choosing The Perfect Window for Each Room

Windows come in a range of sizes and styles, while different rooms will also have their own characteristics. As such, it can be important to match the right window with the right room whilst also balancing the window style to the property style for the best effect. 


Some rooms are best, well-lit, with plenty of natural light, making large windows that let the sun’s rays pour in the preferred choice. Of course, whether you can achieve this depends on the dimensions of the room in question, and your budget. In other cases, smaller windows might be the better option or windows with more mullions and/or transoms allowing you to increase or decrease glass sizes to your preference.  

Noise Control 

Noise is another important consideration, especially in bedrooms where it’s important to keep noise levels down at night. With this in mind, it’s usually best to opt for double-glazing and then consider acoustic glass which offers excellent sound insulation. If keeping sound out of a room is a priority, then let your designer know so they can tell you what your options are. 


Modern windows can come in a huge range of styles and materials. UPVC, Aluminium and Wood all now offer flush, lipped, tilt turn,sliding sash and others. Different frame shapes, different beading, different vent styles and even options on concealing trickle vents from the outside for a much neater, cleaner look (important since the change in Regs now stipulate trickle vents must be included on replacement windows) can be considered.  As such, you will find windows that match the aesthetics of every home, inside and out. Look for a company that employs designers so that they can run through options for you and help with the best designs, materials, colours, and other options so you can find windows that look great on your property. 


Windows can also be functional, so it’s a good idea to ask yourself which function you want from your windows. For example, you might want to open your windows fully to let fresh air in. Tilt turn windows or even standard casement windows with floating mullions can achieve a fully open position. Top hung windows, side hung windows or sliding sash windows all open in different ways and allow you to choose the right design function for your particular project. 

If you are looking for the perfect windows for each room in your home, the team at Admiral Homespace will be more than happy to help. Our friendly and professional team of designers will be delighted to hear from you.