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Ease stress this winter with a Winter Home Check

Government climate advisers say that investing now in low-carbon and renewable energy is likely to save householders as much as £600 a year on their electricity bills in the future. That’s all well and good but what about saving on fuel bills now?

You can help beat the energy fuel rises with a winter-check on your home:

  • Make sure ill-fitting doors and windows are secure against the icy clasp of winter frosts and winds, stopping costly heat from escaping in to the cold.
  • Check pipes and make sure they’re insulated to stop freezing and water bursts.
  • Check your roof for loose slates.
  • Check flat roofs for wear and tear where leaks could occur.

Steve Thorogood, Managing Director of Admiral Homespace, explains, “Adding double glazing and insulation to homes and property can make them up to 40 per cent more energy efficient and, therefore, more cost efficient too. With the wide range of design, colour and material, such as wood, aluminium and PVCu, available now, there is literally a high quality product to suit every style of home.”

Cold homes and winter damage can cause lots of unnecessary anxiety and unwanted cost that can be prevented by making sure that properties are insulated and cared for.

Last winter saw an estimated three million families suffer from weather damage to roofs or burst pipes, so be sure to check thoroughly to avoid costly repairs.

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