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Flat roofs leak…fact! Get yours checked now

If your property or garage has a flat roof comprising of bitumen and felt be aware that it WILL leak, it’s just a question of when.

It costs nothing to have your roof checked over for any signs of water ingress and it can save you a deluge of distress if a faulty roof is made good before water leaks into your home.

Our EPDM Rubberbond roofing system is a lifetime roofing system, proven in use for over forty years. What’s more, it comes with the security of a comprehensive 20 year guarantee.

Coatings for roofs have become much more advanced these days; not only does it look good, EPDM will give fewer future problems compared to any other flat roofing product.

Of course, there are cheaper solutions but ‘buyer beware’, these are often inferior and don’t come with any guarantee, let alone one that lasts for twenty years.

Find out more by clicking here or email info@admiralhomespace.com and ask about our Flat Roof Check Service.