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Free Advice

I have heard that there is a self cleaning glass available is this true?
Technology is advancing at a rapid pace these days! As incredible as it sounds, self cleaning glass is now affordable for conservatory roofs or windows.We recommend Bio-Clean which is manufactured by Saint Gobain but Pilkington Active is a similar product. It works by using the suns rays to break down the dirt, making it literally fall way every time it rains. Especially useful for conservatory roofs where access is a problem. We have brochures available on request.

What about detached garages?
“I have been told that double garages no longer count towards our permitted development allowance……is this true?”Double or single garages that are within 5 metres of the house count towards the ‘permitted development’ for the property. This means that although the proposed conservatory would not normally require permission……. it may well do so. As strange as it may seem, not all planning authorities agree on this but our advice is to obtain permission or at least a letter from the local authority stating that there is no requirement. This could save you a lot of heartache if you should ever move house.

I need an idea of cost before I purchase my new home. How can I get the information required?
The best thing to do is contact one of our designers who will invite you to the Show Centre for a chat. If you can bring a digital image of your new house that will be enough to be able to give you a fairly accurate budget price.

Green frames?
“I understand it is possible to have different frame colours with Admiral. Do you offer a green maintenance free option?”

We offer PVCu maintenance free in any RAL colour with our frame colouring system. Green conservatories can even be laminated externally with a white finish inside. Call to make an appointment at the Show Centre and we can run through the options with you.

I am looking at a south facing conservatory and want a glass roof. Is this advisable?
There are many ways that the heat gain can be controlled. We use Solar Control glazing, electric roof vents to expel the hot air and ensure that the building has an adequate number of opening windows. Many of our clients are specifying air conditioning. Our system is a heat pump which means that it provides heating in the winter months. As you will not need radiators and can afford to have fewer openers, the offset cost need not be too expensive.

What about Open Plan Conservatories?
“I am considering opening up my dining room to incorporate a conservatory extension without any dividing doors. Does this mean I need Building Regulations?”

You almost certainly will need to apply for Building Regulation approval. The success of this application will depend on the conservatory specification particularly with regard to the insulation levels employed. Under Document L regulations, the conservatory must improve the overall U value of the property. Further details of how this can be achieved are available from this office.

Do I need planning permission?
“I am told that as the conservatory I am considering is on the rear of the property it does not need planning permission is this the case always?”

Many people have been caught out by this one! There are many reasons why planning permission may well be required. These range from the size of the room, the location and even its proximity to a detached double garage! Each case is taken on it’s own merit. Please call me at this office at your convenience to discuss the matter in more detail.

Can we get a price over the internet?
Yes you can!

Email a photo of your property showing where you are considering having a conservatory built and we can then upload the photo, which will help our designers to advise you on the price.