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Homeowners – put your personal stamp on your property

With the plethora of home improvement TV programmes around now, it’s not surprising that we are receiving mixed messages about what to do with our properties. Selling? Keep it bland; let prospective buyers visualise their belongings in your home, we are told. Extending? Be adventurous and make space work for you with large areas for entertaining and high quality fittings leading ‘the inside out to the garden’.

The buzz is ‘adding value to your home’ as the sluggish housing market continues to bite. However, it’s not just about what other people want. It’s more about what you want! Your likes and comforts, your colour schemes and budgets are a big influence too, playing a major role in how you enjoy living in a property.

More people are staying put and using monies that would have gone on expensive removals and legals to inject their own style so don’t be too tame when it comes to putting your stamp on your home. The secret is to add your own personal style without being too ‘attention-grabbing’; there is more to life than ‘soft dove grey’ and ‘chalk white’.

Give serious thought to the outside of your home. Colour isn’t limited to walls and carpets. Window frames, front doors, bi-fold doors, French doors, in fact all doors, are available in a Pantone range of colours when you use the right company. It’s quality that counts when it comes to making an elegant exterior statement. Keeping up appearances is as important on the outside as it is on the inside.

As Steve Thorogood, Managing Director of Admiral Homespace, explains, “Maintaining your property is as important as maintaining your garden, your car, your pride. For when the day does come for you to sell, you know that ignoring a small job now can quickly escalate and cost so much more later. At this time of the year, take the time to clean out the gutters, check brick work and flat roofs for any potential leaks and remove climbers that might have got a hold over the summer. And do inject a little style and colour into your home.”

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