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How Long do UPVC Windows Last?

Having new windows installed is a considerable financial outlay for many people, but also one that can be necessary. As such, one of the first questions many people will ask is how long it will be before they need to make the investment again.

The answer depends on numerous variables, including the materials used. One of the most popular materials used in modern glazing is UPVC.

So, How Long Do UPVC Windows Last?

You should expect UPVC windows to last for between 20-25 years before they need replacing, although this figure will vary. The actual time will depend on numerous variables, including the following.

  • Material Quality: One of the biggest factors determining the longevity of any product is the quality of the materials used. Make sure your windows are made using the best UPVC available so you get good value for money on your investment.The introduction of foiled finishes have become increasingly popular and when combined with a quality window and manufacturer they can extend the colour and durability of your new windows and doors.
  • Workmanship: Poor workmanship can have a considerable negative impact on the longevity of your windows. Do your research on double-glazing companies to ensure you find one you can count on.
  • Location: How long UPVC lasts can depend on environmental factors, including the weather. Your windows may not last as long as others if they get lots of direct sunlight. It can be worth considering Coolskin technologies, full reinforcement of the product and colour if this is a particular concern. At Admiral Homespace your designer will be able to advise on the latest products available to help get the best from your investment.

Most people will find that their UPVC windows will last for at least a couple of decades. How long your windows last depends on factors such as the materials used, workmanship, and even which direction your property faces. Regardless, having UPVC windows installed will usually represent an excellent return on investment in the long term.