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How Much Does It Cost for Double Glazing?

Double glazing for a typical 3-bedroom house in the UK is around £10,000-£12,000. However, preferences and requirements vary wildly, so the price can be very different from one property to another.

The actual cost for your property will depend on numerous factors, including:

  • Number of Windows: The price will obviously increase with the number of windows and doors you want to be double-glazed. The size of the windows/doors will also help influence the price.
  • Materials: UPVC is perhaps the most popular material used for double glazing. However, other materials like wood and aluminium are also available, and which you choose will affect the overall cost. Which type of glass you have installed will also affect the price.
  • Style: flush casements, stormproof, tilt turns, pivot windows and sash windows are all options that can be considered and will have an impact on the overall price. A good designer should be able to help you with these options and advise on what style would work best for your home.
  • Workmanship and Quality: The better the workmanship and quality of materials used, the more your double glazing is likely to cost you. It’s best to do some research into a double-glazing company first to help ensure your windows are installed properly the first time around.
  • Location: Some parts of the country are more expensive to live in than others, and the cost of services tends to be adjusted accordingly. For example, you can expect to pay more for double glazing if you live in London than if you lived in the North of the country.

Remember that while double glazing is a considerable financial outlay for many people, it is best to avoid taking cheap options where possible. If you take the cheap option, then there’s a good chance of poor-quality workmanship or materials being used. Instead, it’s best to pay for the best quality you can to help ensure everything goes well. Choose a company who employ designers over sales people as they will have the expertise to guide you through the options available and help you make the right decisions for your home.