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Loft Conversions – how much do they cost?

With spring waiting round the corner, perhaps your thoughts
are turning to more family space in the home.

Loft conversions are ideal when needing more elbow room in the form of an extra bedroom, a home office or a home gym; indeed whatever your imagination decides!

Did you know? Over 35% of homeowners would convert their lofts if they had enough money; and that’s the crux. But look at it this way – yes, the work involved in a conversion can be disruptive, time-consuming and costly; but there are many benefits. If you’re happy where you are then ‘moving’ up into the loft is a much more cost-effective and efficient way of making more room rather than the high fees and removal upheaval.

In terms of the value of your house, loft conversions are one of the most beneficial ways to add value, coming high on the wish list of potential buyers.

So how much will it all cost? This varies widely depending on the complexity of the work but basic conversions start at around £30,000.

This rises to £40,000 – £50,000 for a more ‘living’ conversion, perhaps with ensuite bathroom and a dormer window.

But probably the best way to find out for sure is to call us for a free quote and advice on your home expansion. Now that costs nothing.