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Building Regulations Advice

Glass Roof Conversion

Currently there is no building regulation consent required to replace a polycarbonate conservatory roof with a glass one despite the fact that glass is so much heavier and can cause issues with unsupported frames below. Our Surveyor will always check the suitability of your framing and base to take any extra loads and advise accordingly.

Orangery Conversions

If the work is carried out with only internal roof modifications then no regulations are required.

Full external plinth conversions are rare but can lead to a requirement for building regulation approval if the glazed area of roof is less than 75% of the total area.

Tiled Roof Conversions

Buyers Beware on this one.

A local building authority logo on company marketing materials or website does not mean that you will be presented with an inspection certificate on completion.

You must insist that a pass certificate from the local authority is issued for the whole new room as the absence of one could mean that you are unable to sell your property.

Building control will want to see evidence of compliance in the following areas:

We partner with building control enabling us to provide pass certificates for all of our works and will arrange all site inspections plus administration.