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Planning a room conversion? Free advice & free appraisal

Many of us yearn for that bit more space in our homes. Converting your loft or garage is an ideal way to achieve it but it is a major decision. Doubtless, you have good ideas but it’s putting them into a workable practice that can bring on a bout of the head scratching.

This is where we are at your service. Feel free, literally, to discuss your ideas and plans with us. We are pretty expert with qualified and trained designers who can advise on the pitfalls as well as the benefits. We have a fine portfolio of projects like this, so you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands.

Whether it’s a play room, study, extra bedroom, gym or swimming pool, our tradesmen can transform a ‘waste of space’ into a welcome addition to your home.

What’s more, we will give you a free appraisal so you know that what you’re planning is actually workable. Not all loft conversions are possible and some involve steel reinforcing of the area under the guidance of our structural engineer. Our consultant will advise on loft planning, garage conversion building regulations, what is possible and costings.

We have a dedicated designer who will be pleased to visit and assess your plans, without any obligation but with Admiral Homespace’s renowned high quality customer service..

Early heads up: The minimum head height normally required for a loft conversion is 2400mm from the floor to the apex of the roof internally.

Email on info@laurencev96.sg-host.com for more information or take a look here.