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PVC windows for the more discerning client

If you thought you would never buy PVC windows it may be time to think again!

The Evolution of the PVC window has been a slow process. Over the past few years things have started to change. Clients sometimes ask for ‘anything but’ PVC. This represents an understandable desire for individuality in an age where everything can appear disposable…plastic to some people conjures up images of mass produced white shiny frames!

Admiral has moved fast to capitalise on the demand from more discerning and affluent homeowners for ‘different replacement windows and doors’. Having introduced a hand made timber range and aluminium frames there was still something missing in the product offer. The company found that although many clients preferred wood, they could not always afford the hefty price tag that comes with such a labour intensive window or door.

Hence the introduction of the Evolution Window System.

Read all about it here as it truly does offer some high class products at pleasing costs.