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Technology and Timber

In a marriage of the latest energy saving technology and engineered timber frames, Cambridge based Admiral Timber Windows are installing what they believe is the most attractive, high performing and ECO friendly wood window system in the United Kingdom.

Traditional timber windows look so much more elegant than modern PVC or Aluminium frames. In many of our homes the only option is to replace the Georgian or Victorian frames with timber in order to preserve the value and integrity of the property. In the past this has meant accepting the compromise of hand-made windows from a local Joiner, often with the accompanying lack of insulation, draughts and discomfort from those bygone eras.

Admiral Timber Windows offer the highest of modern insulation standards providing a U Value that exceeds most PVC windows. The units are available in Sash sliding, Flush casement or Storm proof styling in any RAL colour with a five year paint interval and even a 30 years guarantee against frame rot. The fact that the frames are engineered timber means that the original supply source can be assured by using redwood as opposed to hardwood if required. This satisfies local authorities as well as the more ecologically aware consumer that damaging deforestation is not an issue with this product.

Steve Thorogood the Managing Director of Admiral explains:

“Most hardwood importers can show a certificate that states that their timbers are from sustainable sources. We have become aware however that the trade in this material is somewhat murky at the point of supply. This has cast doubt on the whole certification process with many authorities refusing outright to use hardwood for windows and doors. At Admiral, we are equally concerned and support this move. Our latest range is engineered into multi-layered sections and glued in a lamination process. This is designed to prevent any twisting of the material in use and the advanced treatment processes ensure that it has the same lifespan as hardwood. We feel that there is no longer any point in using hardwood at all.”

If you have concerns about these issues are involved in specifying such products, or simply thinking about replacement windows, more information can be found at www.admiraltimberwindows.com.