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The Changing Face of the Conservatory

Award winning home improvements company Admiral Homespace have noticed a major switch in the type of conservatory that is being asked for by homeowners over the last couple of years.

Twenty years ago, prospective clients really had no idea of their options on conservatory design. The only style available was a lean-to garden room with either a thin polycarbonate roof or standard sealed unit glazing. Once the public became interested en-mass however, new systems companies such as Ultraframe designed a range of more interesting roof designs such as Victorian and Edwardian pitched roofs as well as a hipped roof to create a P Shaped Conservatory.

These conservatory designs were popular for over fifteen years but lately the shine appears to be wearing off. Here at Admiral Conservatories, we probably receive more conservatory enquiries than any other home improvement company in East Anglia. This enables us to spot a trend when we see one.

The new fashion for conservatories and garden rooms is two fold.

Firstly clients are requesting a solid or part solid conservatory roof.

This can be accommodated by designing an Orangery Roof or by constructing a traditional tiled roof conservatory. An Orangery is in effect a flat roof with a glazed lantern built on to it. This gives a solid plinth around the perimeter and a flat ceiling for spotlights around the edge of the Orangery. The glass lantern provides the natural light from above as well as giving a view of the sky. We recommend the use of Self cleaning glass in the lanterns as well as Rubberbond lifetime covering for the flat roof.