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Timber Windows are back

Timber makes a comeback!

After twenty years of replacing wood windows with PVC double glazing Admiral Homespace are reporting an avalanche of requests to put timber windows back in again!

Although new build estates are now installing plastic windows as standard, the more discerning homeowners are often looking for alternative window materials such as aluminium and timber frames.

Timber in particular has made a massive comeback. Despite being considerably more expensive than PVC, hardwood, soft wood and oak are being specified for windows doors and conservatories in ever increasing numbers.

Engineered timber sections prevent the twisting and sticking associated with old wooden windows and the micro porous stain paint finishes mean that whatever wood is used, the windows will last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Steve Thorogood the Managing Director of Admiral Homespace based near Cambridge comments ” I really would never have guessed that things would come around full circle like this. Our waste recycling programme is dealing with as many old plastic window frames as wooden ones these days. I guess its partly down to a lack of good window design over the years where double glazing salesmen were more interested in lining their pockets than improving the appearance and insulation of properties.”

Admiral feel that this lack of industry expertise and empathy with the buying public has contributed greatly to the recent downturn in the plastic window industry.

The more discerning clients seem to have a mindset of ‘anything but’ PVC frames these days and the void is being filled in the main by timber windows.

The company has even launched a dedicated timber windows website at www.admiraltimberwindows.com.