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Where do old windows and doors go to die?

For the past twenty years we have been taking out old frames and replacing them with PVC, Aluminium and Timber Windows and Doors. Only occasionally thinking of where the skip full of glass, wood and debris actually ends up.

Recently we decided to look into it further and were shocked to find that all of the waste going into our skips was headed direct to landfill sites. Literally making mountains …..out of old windows !!

Taking our 100 ish frames a month and multiplying it nationally provides some really shocking statistics.

As far as we can see…very few companies are making any real effort to make a difference in this regard. Here at Admiral Homespace we pride ourselves on being different.

We are therefore very proud to be able to unveil our partnership with Donarbon Waste Management http://www.dickersongroup.co.uk/Donarbon/

We take all of our building waste for windows doors and flat roofing projects to the local recycling centre instead of part filling skips. Once transported to the centre, the full vehicle is drawbridge weighed to assess our charges and then offloaded into a recycling area. Donarbon assure us that currently at least 50% of the glass frames and waste is recycled and this figure will be increasing all the time going forward as their facilities and mechanisms become more developed.

This means that our installers are inconvenienced by an early morning or evening visit to the recycling centre……and this has taken some getting used to…..leading to a few gripes. Now that they have all been briefed on the benefits they are delighted to be helping the environment in their own little way.

As a surprising footnote…even when taking into account time and petrol costs the overall price of recycling is very similar to that of using skips for landfill, if not lower!

For any companies similarly concerned with their own environmental impact, we wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with their local recycling experts.

We are certainly happy to be contributing to the landscape in a more positive way.