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Homeowners – put your personal stamp on your property

With the plethora of home improvement TV programmes around now, it’s not surprising that we are receiving mixed messages about what to do with our properties. Selling? Keep it bland; let prospective buyers visualise their belongings in your home, we are told. Extending? Be adventurous and make space work for you with large areas for entertaining and high quality fittings leading ‘the inside out to the garden’. The buzz is ‘adding value to your home’ as the sluggish housing market continues to bite. However, it’s not just about what other people want. It’s more about what you want! Your likes and comforts, your colour schemes and budgets are a big influence too, playing a major role in how you enjoy living in a property. More people are staying put and using monies that would have gone on expensive removals and… Read More

Easing anxiety in worrying weather

What with relentless rain, high winds and an onslaught of anxiety, you want to know that your home is cosy, secure and without drafty distractions. Talk to us for free advice on what product suits your home the best. We offer aluminium, PVCu and wood window replicas such as the Evolution Range, as well as our unique Timber Windows and Doors. There is, undoubtedly, something for the discerning home owner and, more importantly, for the home that wants to be well fitted and looking elegant. Take a look at our Gallery here…… Read More

Raise the old roof with a new Lantern Roof

There is a new fashion emerging for conservatories and garden rooms. Welcome to the catwalk the elegance of the Lantern Roof. Most often the preserve of the traditional Orangery, the Lantern Roof is now a popular request for retro-fitting conservatories or garden rooms, bestowing an immediate facelift and elegant fashion. In plain speaking, an Orangery is, in effect, a flat roof with a glazed lantern built on to it. This gives a solid plinth around the perimeter and a flat ceiling for spotlights around the edge of the Orangery. The glass lantern provides natural light as well as giving a clear view of the sky and it’s recommended that self cleaning glass is used in the lanterns as well as Rubberbond lifetime covering for the flat roof, for reasons obvious. The Admiral Orangery Solution is unique, technically excellent… Read More

Downsizing – not just the preserve of ’empty nesters’

For many it’s the time of the year when the children have moved off to university, the home feels empty, and just that bit too big, and thoughts turn to downsizing. But there are plenty of other reasons why moving to a smaller property makes good sense. Not only is there less cleaning and smaller annual household bills, but any profit from the sale can be used as a welcome cash bonus to improve your life quality (taking into account the cost of further education and Freshers’ Weeks!). Downsizing was once the preserve of ’empty-nesters’, who no longer needed so much space once the children had left home; however, it’s now becoming a sensible option for a wide cross-section of people. Those days of soaring property prices are but… Read More

Admiral’s Graham impresses Formula 1 Director

It’s always a joy to receive glowing feedback from happy clients, especially when it’s about one of our team. Steven Saunders wrote to us recently to extol the virtues of Graham, a much valued team member who is working on Steven’s property – and we quote, “Seldom do people say thank you…so I just wanted to email my thanks and congratulations to Graham who has worked on my property over the last couple of weeks. He is just an amazing guy, gets on with the work and completes it so neatly and without fuss…all by himself! Truly amazing…and hardly any mess or noise. There are surely not many builders on the planet like Graham. I was delighted to have him working on my project and very impressed with his skilled work.” You might well recognise Steven’s name as… Read More

Read our article in this month’s Village Bystander

If you get the Village Bystander magazine, turn to Page 16 and read our article on how a conservatory or orangery can be the smart choice in today’s climate. If you haven’t got the magazine, then ask at your local shop; areas covered include Kimbolton, Spaldwick, Catworth, Covington, Tilbrook, Stow Longa, Great Staughton, Little Staughton, Hail Weston, Pertenhall, Swineshead, Keysoe, Keyston, Grafham, East Perry, West Perry, Easton, Ellington, Brington, Leighton Bromswold, Old Weston, Stonely, Upper Dean, Lower Dean, Shelton, Hargrave, Yelden, Melchbourne, Bythorn & Riseley. Which is handy as that’s just where many of our clients are too. The Village Bystander, October 2012… Read More

Flat roofs leak…fact! Get yours checked now

If your property or garage has a flat roof comprising of bitumen and felt be aware that it WILL leak, it’s just a question of when. It costs nothing to have your roof checked over for any signs of water ingress and it can save you a deluge of distress if a faulty roof is made good before water leaks into your home. Our EPDM Rubberbond roofing system is a lifetime roofing system, proven in use for over forty years. What’s more, it comes with the security of a comprehensive 20 year guarantee. Coatings for roofs have become much more advanced these days; not only does it look good, EPDM will give fewer future problems compared to any other flat roofing product. Of course, there are cheaper solutions but ‘buyer beware’, these are often inferior and don’t come… Read More

Be prepared for winter

Like it or not (and actually, we like), the cold days of autumn and winter are approaching so make sure your home is all nicely ‘winterised’. Use our simple checklist to ensure you’re secure and cosy this winter and reduce the likelihood of any crises. Clear your gutters of leaves and debris Repair loose or damaged tiles Check roofline for wear and tear Insulate your loft Cut away any tree branches that overhang your property Check doors and windows fit securely and tightly Ensure orangery or conservatory roofs are secure Stock up on coal, logs, firelighters, mulled wine and comfort food Click here to view our selection of snug, secure and season-defender doors and windows… Read More


Things are looking up with IX250

Home Owners are increasingly ‘staying put’ and deciding to extend. We have seen a huge interest in the IX250 Orangery System, as seen here being installed on our most recent Orangery Build. Clients and our installers love the IX250 for its ease of fitting and technical excellence. We are now being asked to convert many flat roofed rooms to lantern lifestyle rooms. These conversions are well within the scope of the product and rooms can normally be transformed within a few days. Take a look at the video here…… Read More

Proposed new home planning laws will make extending easier

The Government’s proposed easing of the planning laws for property extensions is a welcome move for home owners. Many people do not wish to move but are in need of more space for growing families or simply to add ‘Lifestyle Room’ to their home. Adding an extension or a loft conversion to your home can increase its value by almost a quarter (research from the Nationwide Building Society).“For many people, extending has proved to be a more viable way to get the extra space they need. Moving is, in itself, both costly and stressful. Extra living space via garden room extensions or conversions has always been popular but even more so in the current climate,” explains Steve Thorogood, Managing Director, Admiral Homespace. Having more useable space is a goal many people have; the relaxation of planning… Read More